Full service Air Quality Monitoring and Permitting


At EEMS we have the knowledge, capabilities and experience to design and assemble the type of air monitoring system required for your project. Our experience includes:

  • Ambient Air Quality (NAAQS) monitoring and meteorological stations.

  • Mobile Laboratories --- The EEMS staff has assembled a fleet of several trailers currently in use by the USEPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). The trailers include instrumentation and systems utilized by OAQPS to perform Through The Probe (TTP) audits of air quality sites in support of the National Performance Audit Program (NPAP).

  • Direct Deposition Measurement System --- EEMS staff constructed a mobile laboratory which was maintained and operated by the EEMS staff for the USEPA. It was used to perform direct deposition flux measurements at 10 hertz. The system included a utility trailer which housed gaseous analyzers in instrument racks, and a network of three computers and supporting peripherals. Additional instrumentation consisted of equipment that was installed above the research canopy at distances of up to 700 feet away and 130 feet above the ground. The instruments included ultrasonic anemometers, and a complete micrometeorological suite of sensors to conduct measurements from ground-level to 60 meters. Signal transmission and communication was accomplished using fiber-optic connections from the above-canopy platform to the trailer.

    The system was designed and operated in support of the Clean Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET). It was successfully deployed and operated at nine different locations throughout the US selected to validate widely used atmospheric deposition models. The system was used to participate in cooperative field efforts used to characterize flux measurement systems designed by various agencies, universities, and other organizations.