Full service Air Quality Monitoring and Permitting


Our team of scientists and technicians are experts at installing and operating monitoring stations following precise siting criteria required by your project.
EEMS is an integrator for Campbell Scientific, Inc. (http://www.campbellsci.com). We sell, install and maintain Campbell Scientific, Inc., data loggers, and meteorological equipment including RWIS systems.

We have experience operating, calibrating, and maintaining a wide variety of multi-station ambient monitoring and other networks including:

  • Measurement instrumentation for atmospheric wet and dry deposition
  • Meteorological parameters
  • Ground-level ozone concentration
  • NAAQS pollutant monitors
  • RWIS systems for 5 California DOT (CALTRANS) districts

EEMS has direct experience with the selection, procurement, acceptance testing, installation, calibration, maintenance, and operation of a wide range of regulatory and research instrumentation.

The EEMS staff was directly involved with the design, implementation, and operation of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division Ambient Air Monitoring Network during the execution of the privatization contract with MACTEC E&C.