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Government Contract VEHICLES

GSA Advantage

Since January 2013, EEMS can support federal agencies under the GSA Environmental Services Contract, Special Item Numbers (SINs) 899-1.

GSA - General Services Administration

Environmental, Engineering & Measurement Services, Inc. (EEMS) was awarded GSA Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-075AA in
January 2013.

The contract provides for orders to be placed as Fixed-Price, Labor-Hour, or Time-and-Materials task orders using the labor categories and ceiling rates defined in our GSA Advantage catalog.

This contract is available for use by:

  • All federal government agencies and specified organizations.
  • Executive agencies.
  • Other federal agencies.
  • Mixed-ownership government corporations, as identified in the government Corporation Control Act.
  • The District of Columbia.
  • Government cost-reimbursement contractors, authorized in writing by a federal agency pursuant to 48 CFR 51.1, and other activities and organizations authorized by statute or regulation to use GSA as a source of supply.
  • Tribes and tribal organizations, as provided in Section 102(13) of Pub. L. 103-413.

For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules, select the "For Customers - Ordering from Schedules" link on the left side of the GSA Supply Schedules page. You may also consult with your internal contracting support personnel or the GSA point of contact noted below.

EEMS Point of Contact for Orders and Services:
Maria Jones – 352-262-0319
e-mail: [email protected]

GSA Government Point of Contact
(Procurement Contract Officers)

Dillan Sheppard                                  Betron Onyike
253-931-7459                                     253-931-7422
[email protected]                     [email protected]